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First Step:How to connect my camera?

For the wired IP Camera:

1. Power on the camera  2. Connect the camera to the router via a network cable.

For the wireless ip camera,

you can use the Smart Link function to setup the camera wifi, just need power on the camera.

You can download the latest smart link firmware on our websit:


Below video instruction demo for reference.


Can not find the camera ip address, how to solve it?

How to search and find the camera on my pc, if i can not find it, how to solve it?

1. Install the Search Tool, and run to search and find the camera ip address.

2. Run the Search tool from the CD


3.Choose the IP address to double click to open it on IE


But, if can not find the ip camera ip address,you need check below info:

1.Check the power adaptor for the camera.

2.Check the connection of the network cable, whether the indicate lights are blinking.

Can not see camera video picture on the IE, how to solve it?

When you can enter into the camera IE interface, but can not view the camera picture, how to solve it?

The camera need install the player(Plug-in) for the first time view on the IE interface,

download the player, and install it into the default file path. Then re-open the IE interface again.